The BeEx Foundation & HEAT

About Us

n 2016, Ohio lost an average of 77 people each week to drug overdose. Losing 4,000+ Ohioans each year to drug overdoses is not the kind of future we want Generation Z to inherit. We need to take action now to address this issue by partnering with teens who are invested in creating a better future for themselves and their peers.

HEAT is a teen-centric organization supported by a coalition of community leaders passionate about disrupting the cycle of poor decisions that lead to substance abuse. We will partner with schools and teen ambassadors to provide an online platform where teens can share their stories to inspire their peers, raise awareness of risk factors to substance abuse, and anonymously ask questions to be answered by experts online. Mentoring support and after-school workshops will also be offered where teens can learn life skills that will increase their resiliency when faced with peer pressure and high-risk situations.
The BeEx Foundation Empowers Teens to Change the Future. Because of the Heroin Crisis in Ohio, we are focusing on making an impact and helping teens stay away from heroin and get off of heroin.
One way we are doing this is empowering teens to live a life they love, with passion and purpose, by giving them the tools and resources they need to excel in this quick-paced world.
“We are trying to help young people their lives so that they don’t have to use heroin to get a jolt out of living.” - Bob Buechner, Chairman of the Board