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In Ohio, 77 people die each week from drugs. We are on a mission to change that. Here's how...

Focus Programs for 2021

Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership Summits

HEAT Teen Leadership Summits are reaching more students in diverse schools throughout the area. Topics include social injustice and the use of restorative practices. Surveys before and after each meeting showed an increase in proficiency of more than 34% in understanding of important facts about drug abuse, teen crisis signs and resources, and legal rights, but also in their level of confidence being leaders amongst their peers!

Suicide Prevention

Teen Suicide Prevention

The past year's stressful events have significantly increased the number and level of mental health issues, particularly for vulnerable teens impacted by seeing parents job loss, pressures of online schooling and lack on social connections. We have ramped up our efforts to reach out and help educators, community groups and teens themselves to help in this critical area.

One on One Mentoring

One on One Mentoring

A new program this year provides a new communications path to help teens with the social and family issues they may be experiencing. These can be conducted online or in person with social distancing to give a teen a safe outlet to discuss many types of challenges. These sessions can be at the request of the teen, parents or teachers who see a need.

Reducing Drug Use Through Education

Did you know that a high schooler who is headed to college is 50% less likely to use heroin than other high school kids?
Education can make a massive difference in the lives of young people. We are committed to giving them the tools and information they need to get off heroin and stay away from heroin is a Big Mission of the foundation.

"It is about listening to kids, giving them a voice in the future."

Listen. Understand. Empower.

Teens and Generation Z are the future. And we believe it is important for adults, parents, teachers, and policymakers to listen to and understand the needs and desires of Generation Z.

Teens today are very politically active. They want to save Mother Earth, update our archaic school system, and change the future.
We believe that the best way to help Generation Z change the world is to listen to them, understand them, and empower them by giving them the tools and information to make a difference in the world a create a future they love.

"We are giving them tools to be able to succeed today and change the future."  -Bob Buechner, Chairman

Student Counseling Group

Learning How to Learn

Success in school does not guarantee success in life. In this rapidly changing world, it is important that we empower Generation Z – not only with information but the ability to learn whatever they choose.

By focusing on learning how to learn, teens and young people will be empowered with a skill set that will allow them to follow their passion and purpose in life.
We are excited to report that some of the top learning experts in the country have gifted their time and their advanced learning materials to our program.

"We cannot choose the stories we inherited but we can choose the stories we become."  -Father Richard Rohr